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Learning on the Log: Rebranding


For this non-profit, we participated in the creation and overhaul of organizational structures. This re-branding included the creation of a Board of Directors, financing, recruitment, mission development, and more.



To take a small nonprofit with minimal support financially and in overall programming, and re-branding it to match the needs and a potential for significant growth.


Creation of a board of directors, and general playbook on taking a start-up nonprofit and turning it into a sustainable organization that can be a model for others in the field.  Being able for the officers to identify, target and succeed with fundraising, programming, alliances, board recruitment, grant writing, and sustainability.  


Organization is a 180-degree difference between where they were one year ago and today.  They are targeting the right grants and alliances in order to serve more children with sensory based needs.   They are attracting the best staff and critical donors that are helping the organization grow.