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Klein Bike Marketing Campaign

Klein Bicycles: Reve Branding



Branding the Reve bike for Klein Bikes.  Sell a suspension platform for a road bike to the consumer.


Worked in cooperation with Nike cycling to utilize two mobile traveling expo units.  Stocked three various sized Reve’s on trainers for the consumer to use at expos.  Further utilized three other Reve’s to be used as demo bikes that could be rented.  Had current Jittery Joes team members cameo at booth for autographs/ testimonials on Reve bike.


Brought the new bike to the consumer for them to feel and see the difference between a regular road bike, and the Reve, with its suspension technology.  Had over 300,000 hits for the product with limited print media.

In this campaign, we introduced a high end road bicycle that utilizes “suspension” without losing the overall feel and performance.  The branding included a large national mobile marketing program.